benefits of veganism

Top Five Reasons To Go Vegan

1. Weight Loss & Better Skin

January, also known as Veganuary, is the perfect time to try going vegan to shed some extra pounds gained over the holiday season and reach your New Year’s goals. Studies have consistently shown that a plant-based diet is likely to result in weight loss for those transitioning from a standard Western diet. Plant-based diets tend to have less calories and be filled with more fiber and nutrition-dense foods, keeping you full longer and improving overall health and functionality of the body. Additionally, eliminating dairy and eating vitamin rich vegetables like cucumbers and carrots are some of the best ways to improve your skin.

2. Disease Prevention & Longevity

Trying to live long enough to see a Super Bowl without Tom Brady in it? A vegan diet might be able to help you with that. Veganism has been proven to reduce the risk of several chronic diseases including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and several types of cancer. Plant-based diets have also been found to help aid or completely eliminate certain food-based diseases like auto-immune disorders. This is largely due to the higher levels of antioxidants and improved gut health from a plant-based diet as well as the decrease of processed foods and saturated fats. All of this leads to living a longer, healthier life.  

3. Increased Energy & Improved Mood

Adding fresh fruits & veggies among other plant-based foods to your diet is a sure way to instantly improve your energy levels throughout the day. Research has also indicated vegan diets resulting in decreased levels of stress, anxiety, and depression and overall better moods.

4. Better for the Environment

 Looking to help the environment? Oxford University found that cutting out meat and dairy could reduce one’s carbon footprint by 73% and could be the single best way to reduce our environmental impact, if you’re into that sorta thing.  

 5. Beyoncé & Jay-Z Said To

In addition to announcing their veganism several years ago, they’ve just challenged their fans to try out a plant-based diet in 2019. If you needed a little extra motivation to take this New Year’s Resolution seriously, take it from The Carters, or Brad Pitt, Serena Williams, Kyrie Irving, and countless other vegan celebs.

If reading this blog hasn’t convinced you to completely give up cheese on your pizza or cream in your coffee, that’s ok. Making small dietary changes can make a huge difference towards your health, & we’re here to help you do that one buffalo tempeh sandwich at a time. Stop into our Long Branch location to start eating, drinking, and living a healthier life. We’re always willing to help answer questions, make suggestions, and serve awesome plant based foods to help you reach your goals!