A menu that takes ordinary ingredients &

transforms them into extraordinary creations.


Located in the West End section of Long Branch, NJ lies The Herd Juicery. A not so ordinary juice bar that has a focus on being organic, gluten-free and plant-based. The Herd promotes an upbeat, positive, energetic environment that serves up some of the best and most creative fare. Specializing mainly in drinks, we also offer a nice selection of smoothie bowls, as well as some sandwiches, soups and toasts. 



More than Just a Juice Bar.


The Herd Juicery is more than just a juice bar. We are your one stop shop for all your nutrition needs. Besides the juices and smoothies, we offer a great selection of vegan foods. From sandwiches and soups to avocado toasts and salads, we got you covered! Also, we are always available to discuss any health concerns or to give some nutritional advice.




fresh-pressed with a few cold-pressed options

Our juices start off with fresh, organic produce that is throughly washed and locally sourced when possible. We offer some of your everyday juices with a twist and others that you will not find anywhere else. 



superfood smoothies 

We focus on crafting delicious smoothies that have nutrient dense superfoods added to them. The goal is to pack as much nutrition into a smoothie as possible without compromising flavor. We offer some of the most unique smoothies around. 



Simply a delicious treat

We use an unorthodox method to create simply amazing bowls. While most places use poor quality fruit juices to make a bowl, we use all fruits. What your left with is a flavorful, cold treat that is not watered down with juice. We also top our bowls with a gluten-free granola that we make in house. It is a completely clean granola that is sweetened with a small amount of organic maple syrup.


Vegan Food Options

Treat yourself right

While Drinks are our focus, we do offer an increasing menu of vegan food options. You can go with something light, like an avocado toast or something more filling, like a buffalo tempeh sandwich. We carry a few soups, as well as some salads for grab n' go. Whatever your feeling, we got you covered.